Personalized Crystal Awards

Express the most considerate messages of appreciation and recognition with personalized crystal awards.Plaques of appreciation are great ways to demonstrate your gratitude to someone who has worked hard at your company.Our personalized recognition awards can be engraved and printed


Crystal Printed Award Custom made_Cyprus

Engraving Personalized Text

Personal engraving included

Printing your Logo

Ideally suited for exhibition,events or promotion areas


Clear glass award


Approximately 25 cm


Available in engraved, Uv printed, aluminium or sticker

Great Achievements

Police, Firefighters,Teacher, School, Work, Student

Welcome to Alexio Promotions, where excellence meets artistry in the creation of Personalized Crystal Awards. Nestled in the vibrant city of Nicosia, Cyprus, our company takes pride in offering a distinguished service, providing custom-designed awards crafted from high-quality materials. With a commitment to precision and a keen eye for detail, we bring you a unique range of crystal awards that not only stand as symbols of recognition but also serve as timeless pieces of art.

Design Mastery:

At the heart of our service lies a dedication to design mastery. Our team of skilled artisans and creative designers collaborates seamlessly to transform your vision into stunning crystal awards. Whether you have a specific design concept or are looking for inspiration, we work closely with you to ensure that each award is a unique masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of the achievement being recognized. Our personalized approach guarantees that the awards are not only visually striking but also deeply meaningful.

Quality Materials:

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the selection of premium materials. Alexio Promotions takes pride in using high-quality crystal for our awards, ensuring unparalleled clarity, brilliance, and durability. Each crystal award is meticulously crafted to showcase the inherent beauty of the material, creating a radiant and sophisticated appearance. The use of superior materials underscores our dedication to providing awards that not only make a statement but also withstand the test of time.

Personalization Options:

What sets our Personalized Crystal Awards apart is the level of customization we offer. Tailor each award to your specifications with our personal engraving and printing options. Whether it’s incorporating company logos, engraving the recipient’s name, or adding a special message, our skilled craftsmen ensure that each crystal award is a unique and cherished representation of the accomplishment being celebrated. Personalization adds a layer of significance, making each award a one-of-a-kind token of appreciation.

Swift Design and Production:

Understanding the importance of timely recognition, we pride ourselves on our ability to swiftly design and produce custom crystal awards. Our efficient design and production processes, coupled with a commitment to project management excellence, ensure that you receive your awards promptly without compromising on quality. At Alexio Promotions, we recognize the value of time and strive to provide a seamless and efficient experience for our clients.

Versatile Display and Impact:

Our Personalized Crystal Awards are not just accolades; they are versatile pieces of art that can enhance any space. Whether displayed in an office, at an event, or in a showcase, these awards add a touch of sophistication and prestige to their surroundings. Beyond recognition, our crystal awards become enduring symbols of achievement, leaving a lasting impact on recipients and those who witness their presence.


In conclusion, Alexio Promotions in Nicosia, Cyprus, stands as your premier destination for Personalized Crystal Awards that transcend the ordinary. Our commitment to design mastery, high-quality materials, personalized options, swift design and production, and versatile impact make us the ideal choice for those seeking unparalleled recognition solutions. Contact us today to embark on a journey where your achievements are immortalized in exquisite crystal, creating lasting impressions and treasured memories.

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