Domed Stickers

Highly durable custom resin domed stickers.Uv and scratch resistant. Custom design and shape.

Domed Smalto Custom made by Alexio Promotions Cyprus

Create custom resin domed stickers , Pins Brooches, Metal beads Coins Buttons and other item

How custom resin domed stickers are made?

Custom resin domed stickers are created through a meticulous process that involves several steps. Here’s an overview of how they are typically made:

  1. Design Creation:

    • Begin with the design process, creating a customized logo or artwork that will be featured on the sticker.
  2. Printing:

    • The design is then digitally printed onto a vinyl or polyester material using high-quality inks. This is the base for the sticker.
  3. Cutting:

    • The printed material is cut into the desired shape and size, ensuring precision and accuracy in line with the design.
  4. Domed Resin Application:

    • A clear, liquid polyurethane resin is then applied to the surface of the printed and cut stickers. This resin creates a raised, domed effect over the design, adding a 3D appearance and providing a protective layer.
  5. Curing:

    • The stickers are left to cure or harden, allowing the resin to fully set and create a durable, glossy finish.
  6. Quality Control:

    • Each sticker undergoes a quality control check to ensure that the printing, cutting, and resin application meet the desired standards.
  7. Backing Application (Optional):

    • An adhesive backing can be applied to the stickers, allowing for easy application on various surfaces.
  8. Packaging:

    • The finished resin domed stickers are then packaged and prepared for shipping or distribution.

The result is a high-quality, visually appealing sticker with a 3D domed effect, adding a professional and eye-catching dimension to your branding or promotional materials.


by Alexio Group